Being an artist is one of the truest ways to share your real self with the world. For Sarah, Charlie and Rich of Morningstar Curio, this opportunity to give what they each do best is a key aspect of successfully running their creative business. The magic comes in the combined talents of these three and their knack for making colorful resin art and accessories full of fantasy and wonder.


Sarah is the main maker behind Morningstar Curio, and she’s been active in the world of arts and crafts since her teens. She spent many years traveling with Renaissance Fairs and attending Conventions, giving her the chance to work with artisans of all kinds, surrounded by magic and imagination. Like mother, like son, Charlie adds a wealth of childlike enthusiasm and inspiration to the dynamic.

Plus, he’s a handy help around the studio day to day. Rounding out the skills of the team, Sarah’s fiancee Rich brings business acumen to help organize production and advise on opportunities to continually grow the company.

Working with resin can be a messy process, but that’s part of what Sarah loves most. Creating great art takes pouring your heart into each piece, and in Sarah’s case, she also pours in resin, color, glitter and more. Every piece from Morningstar Curio is a result of passion, imagination and honest craftsmanship. Sarah finds the time she spends in her studio almost meditative, sculpting pieces and molds for her resin work. Moreover, it’s time she gets to spend with her team, her creative family in an atmosphere of shared love for art.


The trio finds their inspiration in many aspects of life, from majestic animals, real and fantastic to magical symbolism, both the whimsical and darker themes. Sarah loves juxtaposing what’s deep and meaningful with cuteness and bright colors. That’s why you see rainbow colored Buddhas and sacred crystals along with sparkly lego men and references to nerdy pop culture. There’s something for everyone in Morningstar Curio’s art. Sarah loves watching people’s faces light up as they explore the range of resin creations to find what speaks to them. Maybe its a Star Trek pin or a Doctor Who magnet, all in vibrant shades and full of glitter!

Thanks to the encouragement of local artist friends, Sarah took the leap and turned her creative skills into a business in 2015, and she hasn’t regretted a minute of it. Coupled with the support and inspiration of her son and fiancee, she offers the world a piece of her true self with each curio she makes. You can find the Morningstar Curio team at markets and fairs around Texas, sharing their wares, ready to fuel your imagination and help you embrace your sense of wonder!