Magical experiences are created by unlikely circumstances, and Morningstar Curio knows that better than anyone.

Based in Austin, TX, Morningstar Curio features the eccentric mother/son duo of Sarah and Charlie Morningstar, who each bring a unique blend of talent and passion to their work. From Sarah's dynamic resin sculpting and molding skills to Charlie's childlike wonder and intricate imaginative pieces, Morningstar Curio puts their personal brand of magic into everything they do, making most any fantasy a reality.

With each handcrafted and personally designed piece, Morningstar Curio continues to dive further into the depths of their own imaginations and develop new ways to celebrate old favorites.

Whether you're in need of a glittery Star Trek pin or Doctor Who magnet, or you’ve been on a never-ending search for a rainbow-colored Buddha to lift your spirits, Morningstar Curio has you covered. Catch them at your local faire, market, or convention to stock up on all your original, sparkly, or nerdy needs. And don't forget to like them on Facebook and Instagram for an inside look at what goes into creating the magic behind Morningstar Curio's work.